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Download the free 9-page 1919 General Strike Lesson Plan, written by Danny Schur. With or without the Strike! book/interactive CD, the lesson plan will assist educators in a "dramatic forces" approach to the study of the Winnipeg General Strike - the historic event on which the musical Strike! is based.

The lesson plan, entitled "$.25" will be of special interest to those educators that choose to incorporate the Strike! book/CD into the classroom. The lesson plan incorporates seven teachable concepts that weave their way through the songs of the musical; never before has the study of Canadian history been so fun and engaging as through the songs of this award-winning musical.

Strike! Lesson Plan
A nine-page lesson plan for history teachers, written by Danny Schur, which uses a "dramatic forces" approach to the study of the Winnipeg General Strike.
Adobe Acrobat document [164.6 KB]


"One wonders if Evita will impress as much..."

- Saskatoon Star Phoenix

"An improbably compelling piece of musical theatre"

- The Globe & Mail

"There's nothing small in mind, body or heart about Strike!"

- Edmonton Journal

"Strike! Has Important Message for Humanity"

- Winnipeg Free Press

"Strike! makes haters of musicals and history see the error of their ways"

- University of Saskatchewan Sheaf

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