Film Production

Strike!  has begun its journey to feature film adaptation. Click to be taken to the website devoted to the 2017 movie musical production.

The new site, dedicated to the movie adaptation of the award-winning musical by Danny Schur and Rick Chafe, will track the movie through pre-production, production and release. Featuring special content video, a news room and a special historical section about the 1919 Winnipeg General Strike, the website will offer fans premium content and up-to-the-minute stories. The first posting is a short film hosted by composer/producer/co-writer, Danny Schur, entitled “The Path to Strike!” Future content will include behind-the-scenes video, interviews with the stars and, of course, trailers and release information. 

In 2006, Danny Schur produced the Strike! Mini-Movie-Musical - a 17-minute extended "proof of concept" trailer - intended to garner industry interest. The short was premiered in Winnipeg's Old Market Square, metres from where the historic events that inspired the musical occurred in 1919.

Catherine Wreford onscreen as Rebecca Almazoff in the Strike! Mini-Movie-Musical in Winnipeg's historic Old Market Square, May 13th, 2006.


"One wonders if Evita will impress as much..."

- Saskatoon Star Phoenix

"An improbably compelling piece of musical theatre"

- The Globe & Mail

"There's nothing small in mind, body or heart about Strike!"

- Edmonton Journal

"Strike! Has Important Message for Humanity"

- Winnipeg Free Press

"Strike! makes haters of musicals and history see the error of their ways"

- University of Saskatchewan Sheaf

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